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Voices from the Corridor


The Voices from the Corridor are a collection of erotic fast fiction, each one preceded with a drawing as a highlight and key. Primary story element is the text, with the illustrations and graphic compositions used as essential stylistic devices to convey atmosphere as well as interpretation.

So the book is really an illustrated narrative, yet also provides Comic and Graphic Novel features. The strongly sexual color of the motifs show distinct references to the scope of Pulp and Low Brow, not fetish fixed yet distantly related to Stantoons, Hentai and other sex comics but much more extensive and ambitioned in terms of text.

The episodes depicted, at first seemingly disconnected and isolated, take place in an uncertain time and space within the environment of some type of erotic club of unclearly mysterious ambience. The narrator's character is a hermaphrodite and one of the attractions of the place. She lives and works there, as a woman mostly, and in the course of events finds herself in a confusing plot of similarly vague gender definition.

The readers participate in the events like voyeurs. They are presented with quite an abundant panorama, lush and exaggerated like a look into a kaleidoscope. Yet, on the fringes of this view, places of increasing opacification and darkening are noticeable.

Van Rijn's illustrations which Dian Hanson has described as "…very pretty, very elegant, but fully explicit …", are the starting point and pivot of Annemarie Ryder's tales. Behind the alias hides a German author who has worked as a writer in various areas for more than ten years and has received various awards. Humorous, ambivalent, full of surprising turns and paired with an extraordinary fresh and relaxed depiction of sexuality, Ryders here comes up with the lyrics to an enigmatically flowing tune, remnants of a dream: Voices from the Corridor. 

40 copies Englisch/German each.

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